Relapse – Rock Lovers Band

Once upon a time there was a group of likeminded musicians with a common love of classic Aussie pub rock. this group felt that their favourite genre of music was no longer being represented in the local pubs and clubs and, as most of the icons of this era had either given it away, passed away or were now only playing stadium gigs, they felt the time was right to form the band to change all that.

The formula was simple enough. just take one manic drummer, add a bass player that can pump all night then sprinkle liberally with a grungy, wailing, screaming and distorted electric guitar, then add some keys a power chord pumping rhythm guitar and now you have the backbone.

To finish this off add one rock vocalist with heaps of attitude and vocal chords so powerful that bottles behind some bars have jumped off the shelves. the fact that she also has a great butt is a bonus

The members of relapse are not only lovers of classic rock but are also fans of the rock that is being produced today by bands such as Powderfinger, the foo fighters, Jet, etc. this love is what fuels the fire that drives this band to reproduce the sounds that they adore, albeit with their own unique style.

If like us you enjoy classic pub rock then your going to love what we do.

Contact Details :

Phone : 02 6379 7277

MOB: 0414 591885

Address : PO box 24 KANDOS NSW 2848

Website :


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