Galloping Gumnuts


Galloping Gumnut is a Mobile Children’s Service that provides a quality early childhood program to families living and working in rural and remote communities.


Galloping Gumnuts focus is on the individual, families, and community connections.
The service provides social and educational experiences for children and their families who live in rural or remote areas. Our service provides an opportunity for children and parents to form positive relationships and support their sense of belonging in their community.


“Play is learning”. The focus is supporting the individual child’s growth and development in a positive learning environment. Galloping Gumnuts early childhood program embraces the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework; the sense of being, becoming and belonging. Each child has the opportunity to develop, grow and interact as individuals. The staff works closely with parents and carers to support family beliefs, cultures and values.

In your area we visit Glen Alice, Kandos and and Rylstone,


Preschool, Playsessions and Literacy Sessions – see our web site for details

Contact Details :

Phone : 02 6352 3798

Fax : 02 6352 3476

Address : 131Mort St (PO Box 412) Lithgow NSW 2790

Facebook : www.facebook.com/GallopingGumnut


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