The Capertee Valley is within the traditional country of the Wiradjuri people.

We live here because we love:

Our stunning scenery. The wide valley with magnificent escarpments and stone pagodas that catch the changing light throughout the day.

The closeness to unique wilderness areas in Wollemi, Capertee and Gardens of Stone National Parks. 64% of all endangered species in NSW are found here.  See the area map for Greater Blue Mountains Drive

Our birds, “one of the 50 bird watching areas you must visit before you die”.Brochure

Also our reptiles Brochure , mammals Brochure and finally another small bird Brochure

The dry climate, the clean air, the cool nights.

For a map prepared by Greg Sky, resident of the valley, from a sketch by Bruce Upton follow this link Map of Capertee Valley (3MB) small map(750kb) .

This website has been put together by the Capertee Valley Alliance, a group of valley residents. It is to provide a unified collection of information about the valley as a backdrop to the regular bulletins published on our blogs at caperteevalleyalliance.blogspot.com.au and caperteevalleyphotos.blogspot.com

Rental cars can be hired from Orange Airport at carhireorange.net.au

If you would like us to add something to this website, or you have found an error, please contact us at Capertee Valley Alliance  caperteevalleyallinc@ipstarmail.com.au